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La mâle d’effeenne & Co: Kobja, divert with originality and know-how

La mâle d’effeenne & Co: Kobja, divert with originality and know-how

Tanned toad skins, sometimes transformed into purses, sometimes into belt buckles or bracelet ornaments: this is the “Kobja” collection designed by Monika Jarosz

These treated toads belong to the Rhinella Marina species, which originates from Central and South America. Inserted for ecological purposes in Oceania in the 1930s, it is now invasive and hunted by animal protectors. The designer has grasped the potential of all these discarded skins to make them a fashionable and ecological object. A unique piece, each skin undergoes 17 stages of tanning between Parisian workshops and Millau where the megisserie — which is none other than that of Hermès – is located.

Jewelry eyes more vivid than life. Crédit La mâle d’effeenne July 2019
A wallet in the middle of ferns…. Crédit La mâle d’effeenne, July 2019

Last selection of La mâle d’effeenne, Kobja presents a particularity that could not fail to please the shop’s designers: its timelessness. Indeed, if this new fashion object is eco-friendly, it also represents the testimony of a victory of man over his contradictions. Instead of wearing a grizzly bear skin, La mâle d’effeenne offers you something lighter, that you will be able to take anywhere, wherever you want, and what’s more, it will bring you luck!
The toad is indeed a symbol of luck in different cultures — among others, including the promise of wealth and prosperity, especially in China. Many customers come back to testify: “He is a Prince, and he brings good luck! ».
A wallet made from the skin of an animal that brings good luck and prosperity…we would almost wonder why we didn’t think of it before…!

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Moreover, as National Geographic USA – summer 2016 – says in an article about Kobja, “alligator and calfskin are so last season” — so why not enjoy it?

The Kobja accessory is the perfect reflection of the world of La mâle d’effeenne: original, timeless, unexpected, and handmade with the best know-how.

[1] Catherine Zuckerman, in the National Geographic USA, « In(vasive) Vogue », Summer 2016
Unexpected, as Prince Charming…. Crédit La mâle d’effeenne July 2019

Aurore Chevallier Gleizes on behalf of La mâle d’effeenne

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