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La mâle d’effeenne &Cie : fashion synaesthesia with Goti

La mâle d’effeenne &Cie : fashion synaesthesia with Goti

Mastery of past know-how for a timeless pleasure
– Copyrights  La mâle d’effeenne – May 2019

Among La mâle d’effeenne’s selection, a line of perfumes signed Riccardo Goti, coming straight out of Tuscany.

What is, if not the area of origin, the link between this fragrance creator and La mâle d’effeenne? Maybe it is in what one spells out in the presentation of his last fragrance line « Alchemico Goti Vision 5 ». According to Riccardo Goti, jeweller and perfume creator, fragrances are like alchemy, an eternal science that, besides embellishing a space or a body by perfuming it, permits to reach a certain form of spirituality, with mystical accents — just as the incense, which is part of the olfactory notes that are proposed.

Inspired by the four elements, earth, water, air, fire, Goti appeals to the intellect  (the air), the subconscious and the emotions (the water), life and creation (the earth), all of them accompanied by the purest element (the fire).

Presentation of Goti fragrances in La mâle d’effeenne store
– Copyrights  La mâle d’effeenne – May 2019

Thus, Goti’s line, composed by the bodily fragrances Aria, Acqua, Terra and Fuoco, is presented in minimalist black bottles which can conversely give an impression of wealth and opulence when decorated by brass sculptures, inspired by the element they contain, made by the creator himself.

Alchemy, it is a term that sticks to the skin of a place like La mâle d’effeenne. If in the shop’s background we can find a particular attention on smells, among all the senses the shop wishes to arouse during a visit, the store is also the result of a particular alchemy. It is a constant experimentation, metamorphosing itself every two weeks, when the elements inside don’t move each day from within.

Goti and La mâle d’effeenne, it is also the reunion of two old friends, Riccardo and Nico, classmates from the Istituto d’Arte d’Arezzo, jewels section, in Italy.

So, an alchemy of perfumes, resonating in a space where synaesthesia predominates.

Aurore Chevallier Gleizes, on behalf of La mâle d’effeenne

Special thanks to Mr Riccardo and Mr Aurenio Goti and Sophia brand from Greece for its greek statues reproductions

Aurore Chevallier Gleizes pour La mâle d’effeenne

Remerciements à Messieurs Riccardo et Aurenio Goti et la marque Sophia de Grèce pour ses reproductions de statues grèques

The Alchemist at work – richness of the scents Goti
– Copyrights  Goti– May 2019
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